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Welcome to my Drum tutorials!

Compose your song and write your own drum parts with no limits.

Supporting the song is always the priority but without restricting your creativity.

I have developed my own program to help you practice and break down those tricky sections. 


Find you weakness and make it your strength!

I will be sharing full drum videos of songs I have worked on alongside a tutorial video.  

You can also buy a package that includes the drumless track, exercises charts and a drum video with different camera angles.

The tutorial video will include exercises, fills and grooves to help you play the song. 

I also offer Skype Tuition to either get deeper into my songs or apply my program to a song of your choice.

Song 1: X-Ray by ZIO

Drum Video:

Tutorial Video:

Home Tuition:

Inspiring the next generation of young (and old!) drummers, I offer expert drum tuition from £40 an hour based in South West London. 

As I'm London Cyclist I can come to you anytime in the area of Surrey. Even if you  don't have a drum kit I can bring along sticks and practice pad to start with.

Free pair of sticks on the first lesson!

Skype teaching:

I offer live chat Drum lessons for £30 an hour. Can talk about technique, sound, groove, rock and prog. Even talk about how I record drums with my own studio Posh and Rock.


I tour my debut album ZIO #Sessions. Play some of the tracks and talk about my experience. The Masterclass I'm offering at the moment is, "How to create your drumming personality"

If you are interested in hiring me for a Drum Demonstration or Masterclass please contact me.

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