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Over the course of 2017 I shot 9 different music videos, all of which were original arrangements of songs that really mean something to me.

Each track has a unique and different line up of musicians specially put together for this project.  Just as the songs chosen have a personal meaning for their inclusion on the album, all of the musicians I have handpicked to collaborate on this project have been an influential part of my musical journey to date!

Once all the videos were released I re-mixed and produced the tracks and on the 17th March ZIO was launched.

In 2016 I became an Uncle for the first time. The album is called 'ZIO' (Italian for uncle) in honour of my beautiful niece.


Featuring Remy Busquet (Acoustic Guitar) and Josh Bergson (Bass)


Featuring Cheryl Pinero (Bass)


Featuring Olivier Castan (Keys) and Cagru Tosluoglu (Keys)


Featuring Richard Williams (Guitar) and Glen McCallum (Bass)


Featuring Daniel Edwards (Guitar) and Michele Fanzzini (Bass)


Featuring Mathieu Spaeter (Guitar) and Lzi Hayes (Bass)


Featuring Aaron Grimes (Lead Guitar), Marc Fascia (Rhythm Guitar) and Jenny Lane (Bass)


Featuring Pascal Gutman (Chapman Stick)


Featuring Robbie Pinna (Guitar) and Josh Bergson (Bass)

Filming and Photos Chiara Ceccaioni 

Sound engineering Marc&Cheese 

Produced, Mixed and Edited by Jimmy Pallagrosi


"Man, the videos on your website! Session #3 with the keys players!!!! I watched that SO many times now and I genuinely mean it when I say, that’s one of the most enjoyable artist videos I’ve seen in a long time. Everything sounds killer and the solo aint that bad either 😉

                                                              Martin Potts (Paiste/Korg)

"Dis donc la vidéo, pfffff, génial ! Puis alors le passage de ta « batterie jouet » à ta « batterie normale », magique. La baffe qu’on se prend ! Très chouette ce projet ZIO."

                                                              Kevin Gardin  (Gewa)

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