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You can now pre-order the debut album from the "mammoth conceptual project" Prog magazine.


Prog is for music what sci-fi is for films.


There were no barriers in the production of this album. It has been influenced by bands, films, books and video games we all love and grew up with. Marc Fascia (guitar) Olivier Castan (Keyboards) and I wrote this album with the help of our musical guests; from a love of prog to influences of pop and rock music. Like our dear friend Franck Carducci say "ZIO is like Whitney Houston meets Freddie Mercury performing with Rush!" 

Flower Torania - CD + T-shirt

  • 1/ Ride Along

    2/ X-Ray

    3/ Wings Inside

    4/ Gold & Power

    5/ Straight Up From Underneath

    6/ Jupiter

    7/ Erwin's Opera

    8/ Inner City: Shorroma

    9/ Ma Petite Histoire

    10/ Interstellar List

    11/ Flower Torania


    Produced by Jimmy Pallagrosi

    Lyrics by Jimmy Pallagrosi

    Mixed by Marco Casaluce 

    Mastered at Altho Studios

    Artwork by Crystal Spotlight

    Illustration by Jimmy Pallagrosi 

    Music by Olivier Castan, Marc Fascia & Jimmy Pallagrosi


    Hayley Griffiths, That Joe Payne, Heather Findlay, Franck Carducci, Richard Hensha, Alex Lofoco, Lizzie Hayes, Olivier Castan, Cagri Tozluogu, Marc Fascia, Alfonso Alfano, Jimmy Pallagrosi.

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